About Me

My name is Laura Piraino and I’m a multimedia artist who lives and works in the Boston area. I’m highly experienced in the fields of animation, video production (shooting & editing) , illustration and design. I’m passionate about storytelling and enjoy creating short films that range in content from whimsical and funny cartoons to documentary explorations of serious subject matters. As the daughter of a fine artist and a reading teacher, I was encouraged at a young age to share my view of the world through visual art and storytelling. My very first animation was a flipbook drawn on the corners of my 5th grade social studies book pages. Despite some mild discouragement from my teacher that year, the realization that I could bring my drawings to life was an exciting moment for me. Years later I found my way into the Massachusetts College of Art and Design where I earned my BFA in Animation.

Since graduation my love of animation and video storytelling has provided me with a variety of exciting work opportunities both locally and abroad. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of art and media with others and have taught classes for  youth in my own community and as far away as Thailand. My personal art and new media work created in collaboration with Untravel Media has screened all over the world, won numerous awards, and gained international recognition.  In an increasingly networked and digital world I have found that multimedia storytelling is a powerful tool with which to inform, educate,  and engage audiences around complex ideas, products, services, and stories. I’m always looking for opportunities for collaboration so please feel free to email me if you’d like to say hi or learn more about my work!